Jun 18, 2015


I am more excited about the move now that Prince Charming has been there.  It is such a beautiful house.  I can totally see making it our home.  It is pretty.  It is safe.  It is in a lovely neighborhood.  And . . . there are farms and farmers markets nearby!!  This is going to be good.  I didn't get the classroom I wanted, but I can make that part work. 

How can you not love the fact that there is more than twice the amount of cupboards and counter space in the new house!?

And those big beautiful windows are breathtaking!

I am going to miss my friends.  I am going to miss the conveniences.  But . . . I think it will be fun to discover new little places to love.  I am hoping to get out of my own way to go out and meet people and to make friends.  There is a homeschooling group down there and that will help with that. 

As for missing the Metro bus system, we have decided to immediately start saving for a vehicle again.  We can do it fairly quickly if we try and it isn't scary driving around in a small town. 

I will definitely be glad to be glad to be done this move . . . even though we have three weeks and two days left until we leave. 

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Billy said...

I am getting excited for you. I can read it in your words! The kids will love it there, I am sure. I rarely comment on your blog, but I stop by often. Congrats on your new home!