Jan 23, 2014

Working on it

I have been working on being more present in my life.  Taking some time out from housework, computers, cell phone, planning and working to just be with my kids.  I love to watch them make up songs, to answer their questions, to listen to their little stories.  It is so easy to get caught up in the every day work of being a mom, I forget to just be with them when we aren't doing homeschool stuff, participate with them, and just to enjoy them.

Things I have heard today:
  • a morning song to a baby brother, 
  • play dishes banging together to be a food song, 
  • adorable lisp singing cute songs
  • the little tea pot song sung with actions
  • a big girl writing a story, diligently, asking for help with her spelling
  • girls giggling together
  • a big girl comforting a crying little sister, reassuring her that winter will end and we will be making more trips to the park when it does.  
I just know that I get so caught up in trying to get everything perfectly done all the time, I forget to let a little go and just to be here, enjoying them because I know that they grow too darned fast.

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