Jan 8, 2014


1. After six months with it broken, I pulled my camera out of my closet and tried it and . . IT WORKS! Yay!

2. I added an additional element to our homeschool. We have a calendar that we put a date on every day as a part of our circle time. This month, I am using. It to help tteach patterning. Every date has a certain color and Princess Magpie has to tell me which date is next and what color it should be. Through the calendar she is learning patterns, colors, dates, and counting to 31. Good stuff for five minutes of our day that she loves.

3. I am making soup for supper and the house smells heavenly!

4. I am rearranging our classroom a little. I need to be able to get on both sides of the table when working with the girls. So I have a plan to make that doable.

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