Jan 6, 2014

Steps in the right direction!

As I have mentioned before, Little Prince doesn‘t talk. He doesn‘t really communicate at all. Basically he screams while you run around trying to figure out what is wrong. Does he want a bottle? How about a cookie? No? What abot a toy? No? Maybe his diaper is wet? No? Then what? Then he sits in my lap and rocks himself so hard that he leaves bruises on my chest. I feel helpless when he is upset and I can not figure out why.

Well today my little boy found a way to let me know what he wanted. He was in his crib and cried, so I went in to pick him up. When I reached down to pick him up, he brushed my hands away. When I tried again, he did it again. When I tried again, he started shaking his head hard from side to side (this was a first). He was telling me he did not want to be pickedup! This is the first time he has done this. Even without words, at least he wasn‘t just screaming! Now because the only other thing he does in his crib is drink a bottle, so I handed him a bottle. He took it and lay down! So maybe he did not tell me what he wanted but he indicated what he did not want without screaming! After almost two years with my boy, this felt like communication of a sort and I will take it!

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Nicole Walter said...

What a blessing to have little prince find a way to communicate with you!! When our 2 year old was still not talking we started teaching sign language using signing time videos, and visual schedules and charts. The charts are super easy and cheap to make and help beyond words, for our kiddos who struggle to communicate when they start getting older!! Speech therapy helped as well, he is 5 now and is no longer behind on speech except a few articulation issues and did not speak more then 10 words at 2 1/2. Praying for you that he finds ways to communicate with you!!