Jan 20, 2014

Action Plan

The Therapist (I have no idea which kind, there are so many working with us right now) came over to work with Little Prince today.  We finished going over her questions and she came up with a plan for us to start with him.  Our first plan of action is to start getting him to copy sounds we make and to try to get him to say, "more" when we offer him things.  It is a simple plan but it feels good to have an idea of how to start.

We are getting concerned about his physical development at this point too, he is a VERY wobbly walker.  He always looks like he is on the verge of tumbling onto his nose at any minute.  She is making a referral to someone to look into that as well. 

She did tell me that she fully expected an official diagnosis before summer.   It will be good to have that settled too. 



Tenille said...

What about sign language? That might be a good way to try to communicate with him.

Meg Falciani said...

If sign is doable, that's a great idea. When DS was in early intervention, we set aside "speech" for a couple months and worked on getting him *communication* skills. We still did modeling etc. but rather than verbalization being our focus, just communicating so we understood what he wanted (and lowering the frustration level) went a long way to making him receptive to actual speech because he could see we were actually going to give him skills to help, not just frustrate the daylights out of him and push.

Tess said...

I remember the days of a gazillion specialists and doctor appointments and for us it was diagnosis inside of diagnosis. Sign language to help with communication while we worked on other speech issues was a life savior! Having all therapists on the same page with goals was also imperative so that while the physical therapy addressed my daughter's balance issue she could also throw in a bit of speech stuff and while the speech therapist worked on, well, speech she could also be working on some OT goals for fine motor. It feels so good doesn't it, to have an action plan.