Sep 11, 2013

Little Prince . . . Autism?

It is looking like my worries about Little Prince's development were not unfounded.  I took him to see someone and she said that he meets all the requirements of things to look for in a child his age who has autism.  I have been thinking it for a while now and I am not surprised that she has made referrals for further testing.  But I am a little sad for him.  He is such a happy, jolly little guy.  I would love it if life were easy for him.  But I know from watching Princess Belle, that life with this is never easy.  I just love him so much, I want to give him the world, I want the world to know what a wonderful child I have in him.

It turns out my concerns about his weight were not unfounded either.  He is only in the 14th percentile for weight.  So I am going to be on the lookout for healthy ways to fatten him up a little.


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