Sep 13, 2013

Random Thoughts

Prince Charming has gone to visit his father and it is going surprisingly well as a temporarily single mom for a few days.  The girls are behaving, Princess Belle is being helpful and it is going okay.  I am going to experiment with taking them all for a walk to go shopping for some groceries tomorrow.  It will be fun to see how I manage by myself with three small children and one bigger one. 

As for school, my babies are amazing me every day with how much they are retaining and how much they know.  Princess Snifflefritz is even remembering letters and Princess Magpie actually wrote out her name yesterday.  She loves to see her work put up on the wall and is so enthusiastic that it makes me glad to get to the classroom every day.  Princess Belle has a much better attitude this year and is doing really well with her work even making lots of progress in her math which thrills me. 

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