Sep 9, 2013

TOS Crew Review: Time4Learning

Recently, I was excited to be given the opportunity to review the on-line curriculum, Time 4 Learning.  While we don't let her use it as often she she would like, Princess Belle loves the computer, and she loves any chance she gets to use it in her homeschooling lessons. Time 4 Learning was a great fit for her.  She absolutely loved it and loved to tell me me how far she had gotten and how much she had learned.  She was enthusiastic and excited about learning while using this program and to me, anything that gets her excited in that way, is a GREAT thing.  She was even excited enough to use it before we officially started back to school for the year!!

Time 4 Learning is an online education program for grades Preschool through High School.  It teaches lessons in a way that allows students to continually build on what is learned.  It does the grading and even has printable reports for parents. For this review, I received a six month subscription for fifth grade for Princess Belle. Time4Learning does come with a 19.95 per month fee for one student.  If you have multiple children that will be using this program, they do offer a discount of 5.00 off per each extra student is $14.95 per month.  High School is now offered at a cost of $30.00 per month.  Time 4 Learning even offers and Art program now!!!  The website has a place to view lesson demos for the grade level of your choice, so you can see exactly what the program looks like.  Time 4 Learning even offers a 14 day free trial of their program.  So if you are still on the fence about using it, spend some time using it as a supplement to see if your child will do as well on it as Princess Belle has. 
You can use Time4Learning with your entire family!
Pre-K – 8th Grade = $19.95 / student per month. ($14.95 / month for each additional PreK – 8th student.)
High School = $30 / student per month. (Includes 4 Courses)
- See more at:

You can use Time4Learning with your entire family!
Pre-K – 8th Grade = $19.95 / student per month. ($14.95 / month for each additional PreK – 8th student.)
High School = $30 / student per month. (Includes 4 Courses)
- See more at:

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For Belle, I used it as a supplement to our regular curriculum not a replacement of our regular homeschool curricula.  It fits us better that way, but I can see how it would be a great fit as a full curriculum as well.

5th grade photo time4learninggrade5_zps41c6868a.jpg

I enjoyed how I could simply tell Princess Belle which subject to work on and how long and she worked away but it if you prefer, you can set up actual lesson plans on the site that guide your child in the day's work. There is even a place on the site that guides you, the parent, in how to use the program. There are videos that show how to use the features of the site and an overview of all of the lessons for each subject.

As a parent you have access to a parent page which offers:
  •     Detailed reporting for your record keeping
  •     Extensive lesson planning
  •     Teaching tools
  •     Spelling words
  •     Supply lists
  •     Reading lists
  •     and More! 
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There is also a playground area for them. Where they play games while also learning. You can set up a time limit set for that part and Princess Belle enjoyed that area.  She is such a visual, hands-on learner, that this whole program was a great fit for her.  She especially LOVED the science section and would poke around in there and learn for fun when she had the opportunity.  I loved how she would get excited and call me over to hear something she had learned. 

If you are a homeschooler, I think this program could be a great fit for you, but honestly, it would be great as a supplement to any child's education or even as a summertime program. 

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out various levels of Time 4 Learning.  See how they used this program in their homes and how it worked for them


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