Apr 25, 2013

Still stressed.

This is so stressful for me.  Prince Charming keeps telling me to relax, we have two months to find a place, but I need to get that checked off my list.  I obsess over it.  I really want it all taken care of.  I am constantly searching, looking, waiting for replies to messages.  UGH, I want to go home and I want this to all work out. 

I am waiting on two people to touch base to look at a place for me.  I would really love one of them, but trying to get it all coordinated from so far away is TOUGH!


Twyla said...

Where are you thinking of moving to? Maybe I could help if you are looking for places close to here. I'm about 45 minutes from Yarmouth. :-)

TC Harris said...

I was looking in that direction, but with lots of conversations with family and friends, we have changed our minds and are moving closer to home. Thanks for your offer. You are so kind. <3