Apr 27, 2013

Long week

I have to say, I will be glad when this move is done or at least all organized.  I am stuck in a loop of hurry and up and wait and I am SO not good at that.  I don't have a firm date, I don't have my truck transferred to the new owner because I can't get down there, I don't have a place lined up yet, I don't have anything but an end date to my lease and a wish to move.  IT SUCKS!

I spend so much time waiting to hear from potential landlords, feeling like I am waiting for the popular boy to come take me to the prom.  Prince Charming says I need to relax, but I just need this to be done.  There are places I  REALLY REALLY want and places I would be happy with, but at this point anything firm would make me happy. 

Sorry this is a rather rambling post of worry, but this is what is on my mind these days.  I even dream about it at night.  I am in the middle of a conversation and my mind drifts to houses and landlords and worry.  I am losing my mind just a little. 

I admit I may be less than the best company right now and I have fallen firmly off the diet wagon, using food to medicate my worry and that is stressing me out too.  (See . . . I AM losing my mind!)

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