Apr 15, 2013

Good things

I feel like it is a good day to list some good things on my mind. 
  1. We have finally narrowed down our choices for moving out of this terrible neighborhood and out of this city AND we have friends to help us get a place in that location.
  2. When I found bad apples in my groceries, I took them back to the store and got my money back and a new bag of apples! 
  3. Princess Magpie is finally completely potty trained for daytime and Princess Snifflefritz is nearly there.  I am so pleased.
  4. Little Prince has really been developing and changing lately and I love our early mornings alone together watching him play and have fun. 
  5. My new cleaning routine is working out well.  I am always tired at the end of the day during my evening clean, but it feels so good to have it done. 

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