Apr 5, 2013

Home Again

Well we made it home again.  I am more than a little heartbroken. 

We started out this trip to see our dream home having gotten the vehicle we need for the move and having saved enough for rent and deposit for a new home. 

But now, we are home.  We had to leave the vehicle behind and repairs will cost us more than the vehicle cost us to buy.  So we have save for that.  Then we also had to pay for food, gas, hotel, and transportation home which cost us over $700!!  So now are broke and we have no vehicle. 

We have had to rethink our plans now.  If we can't have a vehicle on the road, we can't move out to the country away from everything.  We will be able to move to a small town but we won't be able to move as rural as we had planned.  We will have to move to a small town and save for repairs (or a new vehicle).  We are going to have to let this dream home go and keep planning because either way, we don't have the money for rent and a deposit now. 

There were some cute things with the kids while I was gone and for them it was just an unplanned vacation.  But for now, I am thinking about the money and I just want to go away and cry. 

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Jill said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work out ((HUGS)) Don't give up hope though.. there is a place for you in the future that will be just perfect for you & your family!