Apr 1, 2013

Easter Memories

The Easter Bunny came to our house yesterday and it was a day of lots of fun (and Mess! LOL) He left a trail of cocoa footprints to a table fileld with baskets and some NOT very well hidden Easter treats.

The girls could hardly contain their excitement when they came running up the stairs to see what the Easter bunny had done.

Little Prince enjoyed the excitement and loved watching the big girls with their fun

Princess Snifflefritz watched the others get into their stuff before digging into hers.  She is such a sweet and gentle soul.

I have a feeling I am destined to have a lifetime of pics of my kids where either one person isn't looking or no one is looking.

Princess Magpie trying to keep Little Prince's toes out of her basket while Princess Snifflefritz investigates hers.

All my babies in the Easter morning sunlight.

Afterwards, the mess continued while they played with the "Easter Ribbons" as they called them.  Lots of fun and LOTS of mess!

I couldn't resist some Easter goodies (which Princess Belle helped to decorate!)


Heather said...

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Nancy said...

Looks like everyone was pretty excited with their candy...great memories you captured!! :)

Julie said...

Looks like they had a great Easter!!! :)