Apr 9, 2013

Tackle it Tuesday - Cleaning

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My tackle for this week has no picture.  But it has really been working for me and I wanted to share it.  It is a change in my schedule.  When we were stranded in Yarmouth, in a hotel, I noticed the maid going around cleaning.  Now she didn't clean our room until we left but I thought about the fact that as a maid she takes some time every day to clean the rooms.  She has a set schedule and a list.  So I thought about our home and came up with a new way of scheduling how I am doing things the things I usually do.

In the mornings before the crowd gets up (usually Little Prince is up with me for this) I do the following:
  • prepare supper, put in the slowcooker or prepare it to go in the oven
  • prepare breakfast for the family (usually baking or oatmeal of some kind)
  • Do one load of laundry.
In the evenings after the kids go to bed I do the following:
  • gather all the toys that the kids have been playing with and put away
  • gather all the dishes that have been left around from various snacks and wash them up and put them away
  • thoroughly sweep and wash the floor
  • clean the bathroom, washing the floor, sink and toilet every day and the tub every couple of days
  • gather laundry to go to the laundry room
  • gather garbage and recycling and put it out
  • Do a basic clean in the kitchen.
Then once a week, I do the following:
  • clean the girls room,
  • clean the fridge and stove
  • clean any other areas that need it
This schedule takes me some time in the morning when I am fresh and about an hour at the end of the day before I relax for the evening.  I have been doing this for a few days now and it is very manageable and it is so nice to wake up to nice clean, organized home every morning. I love having already cleaned it up so that I can put Little Prince on the floor to play while I do my morning chores, instead of having to clean first and then do that.  It is great that with the investment of about an hour in the morning and a hour ing the evening, I am able to keep on top of things all day long.

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Julie said...

Good luck with the new schedule!