Dec 22, 2012

Little things

  • I LOVE when my girls dress themselves.  It is so cute to see what the three and four year old girls come up with.  They are just so funny with a small inside out shirt over their sweater with a dress just around their waste and a pair of jeans on.  And if we are just hanging out around the house, I let them be.  They can express their creativity and feel good about themselves. 

  • I can't wait until we move out of the city and I can let the kids run and play outdoors!  I want them to have the freedom to run and play and have fun and be safe!  When we move to our rural location, I am going to include more nature in our schooling.

  • I LOVE that yesterday when I was shopping I bent down and picked up  things for three separate elderly ladies.  They were struggling to try to get it and now that I am losing weight, my knees and my back are better and it is EASY for me to bend over and pick stuff up!!!

  • I LOVE how excited the kids get when I make something different for breakfast.  Yesterday it was a simple breakfast of fruit and yogurt and they were thrilled.  Today I got to be the hero again by making them chocolate chip pancakes with icing sugar and applesauce!  Even Little Prince had a pancake.

  • I love that when I go looking for Princess Belle at night, I am just as likely to find in the room playing with her little sisters as I am to find her in her own room.  I LOVE that her greatest joy is playing with her sisters and I LOVE how they look forward to her inventive games.
  • I LOVE that I was able to donate three bags of clothes, an artificial christmas tree, some books and some toys to Big Brothers. It clears it out of my house and someone may get some good out of it. I will never forget when we got that tree, Prince Charming and I were just married, broke and our only tree was a little tabletop one and our neighbour gave us his old tree. It has been a well-loved tree. (one a sidenote, when I asked Prince Charming if he had called Big Brothers yet, Princess Magpie burst out laughing and said, "Mommy! There aren't BIG brothers! There are only LITTLE brothers!" LOL, I guess she figures because it is that way in our house, it is that way everywhere.

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