Dec 3, 2012

Some Great Christmas tips!

Well we had a busy day yesterday decorating the house and putting up the tree.  It took some major rearranging to get the living room in a place where we could fit a tree, but it looks wonderful and I even like our wonky tree that you have to put ALL THOSE branches in one by one.  It looks nice and full and seasonal.  I have a wreath on one door and bells on the other and it nice to see our house looking seasonal outside too.

The girls were wonderful when they saw the decorations.  They were so excited and filled with wonder.  It was funny because Princess Magpie kept expecting to find presents because she figured if the decorations were up, Christmas must be here!  She thought someone stole our presents.

I put the big entertainment centre in their room as a toy holder and a place for their tv.  It looks great and they loved it!  I will post pics later! 

I also have found some great Christmas tips that I just had to share with you guys:

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