Dec 30, 2012

Planning Ahead

I have been thinking about next Christmas and some ideas I would like to try.  I would like to wrap the gifts with fabric and ribbons.  I would like to include more nature in our decorating.  I want to make some of my own decorations.  Some of these things would take some time and so planning and thinking about them now isn't a bad idea.  I like the idea of simple things I can do by hand when Prince Charming and I sit together in the evenings.

I would like to make some of my own Christmas ornaments (click the pics to see how these are made):

1. Wool Pom pom type ornaments such as below are one idea I had

2. Felted wool hanging balls are another idea I had

3. felt Christmas tree ornaments

4. Pine cone ornaments (I also thought these would be nice with a little bit of white on them and these would be cool too.)

5 Folded Origami stars
6. Orange Ornaments
7. Winter Wonderland

8. Other Wool Ornaments

And there are some other GREAT ideas over at THIS BLOG that I would like to try.

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