Dec 20, 2012

Another reason to celebrate!

I just dug out my box of skinny clothes.  There wasn't a lot in it because I wasn't at that size very long before I got pg and gained all the weight back.  I was thinking it wouldn't fit me because I was about 10 lbs smaller back then, but it DID!!!  This is the smallest clothes I have had since I was about 20 years old!!!  (Remember I am 40 now!)  I am thrilled.  It will probably look a little better when I lose those 10 lbs, but I think it looks darned good now!


dmauton said...

That's cool. I can't wait to get back into my skinny clothes. :)

Nancy said...

You go girl! You'll shed the last 10, don't give up! Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year :)

At Home on the Rock... said...