Dec 24, 2012

Christmas Blessings

I am feeling peaceful today.  I know there is a lot to do, but I am just filled with a sense of peace and joy.  I am so grateful for my four beautiful, happy, children.  They are each one of them so loving and such a blessing to me. And as this Christmas approaches, I know just how lucky I am.  I know that as long as we are together, it will be wonderful.  I am not stressed, I am not worried.  I am relaxed.  It will all be lovely. 

I think about this year and how much I love it and I plan for next year too.  I think of things I will do the same and things I will do differently.  I would like to make a project out of making homemade ornaments with the girls.  I would love to do more homemade gifts.  This year, I spread the baking out over the season, baking things and then waiting for them to be gone before baking more.  I enjoyed the relaxed feeling of that.  I enjoyed the constant smell of fresh goodies in the house.  I LOVE the excitement the little ones have from discovering what new goodies mommy has in store for that day.  This is  a trend I would like to continue.  Next year we will be in our new rural home and I look forward to bringing more natural elements into our Christmas. Next year, I would like to start on our Christmas preparations early, taking time to really think about each child. 

But for this year, I am at peace.  This is our first Christmas with Little Prince.  This is our first Christmas with our forever family.  This is the family I will get to love on and take care of and spend all my future Christmases with and this alone brings a joy and peace that I can't describe.

So from my house to your, kisses and hugs, and may all of you be filled with joy and peace this holiday season.

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