Dec 23, 2012

Birthday Fun

It was a fun day for us all. The best thing about having four kids is that if you bring out presents, balloons and cake, it is all they need to be excited and to feel like it is a party. Even though we don't know anybody their ages to invite to their party, the kids were thrilled and had a WONDERFUL time. It wasn't at all stressful for me and we all had fun.

Here is the birthday girl blowing out her candles.

Daddy filled the living room up with balloons during naptime and the had a wonderful time playing with them.

Waiting for Daddy to bring out the presents was very exciting.

Princess Snifflefritz had fun opening presents.

Princess Magpie helped her open her presents.

But that's okay because on Princess Magpie's birthday, Princess Snifflefritz helps her open her presents too.  It is sort of like they are twins opening presents at the same time, they get two of everything, only they get to have two separate birthdays too.

She loved all her presents.

Even Princess Belle had fun, playing with the little girls, helping them when they need it and playing with their toys too.

It was a wonderful day!

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