Dec 27, 2012

At This Moment

At This Moment . . . my kids are playing happily. 

At This Moment . . . Princess Belle is snuggled on the couch in fluffy jammies eating leftover veggies. 

At This Moment . . . Princess Magpie is playing with the new wooden blocks I bought them, building castles and bridges and imagining whole worlds of wonder. 

At This Moment . . . Princess Snifflefritz is having a tea party, pouring imaginary tea with cute little dishes and adding just one more "somfing" that she needs.

At This Moment . . . Little Prince is munching on crackers, making happy sounds and watching the action. 

At This Moment . . . It is good to see them all happy and playing.  This was a good Christmas for us. 

I am looking around at my family and I know that I am so very blessed . . . At This Moment

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