Jun 16, 2011

Squishy, party of one!

I love listening to Princess Magpie talk. It is so darned cute, I could just squish her! I just heard her room, she was supposed to be asleep hours ago, "Helpa me! Helpa me! I stuck!" I went into her room wondering what she had gotten herself stuck in now. I found her pushing frantically on her bed, because she had moved it into the middle of room and couldn't move it back and now that she wanted to go to sleep, everything needed to be back where it belongs.

I walked in, pushed her bed back and she looked up at me gratefully, "Thank you Mommy" then she started to panic again, "My Peellow, where is my Peellow? Oh dere it is. My blankalet, where is my blankalet? Oh dere it is. I can't fix it!" she lay on her bed and I covered her up and to a quiet, "Thank you Mommy, Night Night"

Even when she gets cranky at me, it sounds cute the words, (I can't wanna go to blankalet!" Sound so much cuter than, "I don't want to go to bed!"


Julie said...

I soooo miss that age! Enjoy it while it lasts!!!


Crazy Working Mom said...

So sweet! My little Emily is the same way...she asks for a napkin and she says nekkid! LOL