Jun 27, 2011


I have been working on my menu plan for the next two weeks. It took some time as I was trying to come up with one that would work for all my family and my girls are starting to develop opinions. LOL

I decided that I am going to make my own hamburger buns for the cheesy sloppy joes my girls like. And of course, I took requests (tacos and easy chicken cordon bleu). It is just better on grocery day if I know what we are going to be eating.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Yes ma'am! When you're feeding a large family, you HAVE to plan ahead and know what you're serving on any given day.

Jewely Bug said...

Do you have a recipe for the hamburger buns? I don't do much baking but have been leaning towards trying to do more of it. Oh and easy chicken cordon bleu? That sounds delicious!
I am also starting to do meal plans. I don't have as large a family but it definitely helps! :)