Jun 20, 2011

More adventures at my house

Bedtime with my toddlers:

  1. I change diaper of toddler one and tuck them into bed.
  2. I change diaper of toddler two and while I am tucking her into bed, I look back at toddler one who is getting out of bed with a nekkid hiney.
  3. I cover said nekkid hiney of toddler one and return to toddler two to finish tucking her in.
  4. I stand up and look back at toddler one who is once again, nekkid. I get her ready for bed again, tuck her in again and leave the room to the sound of a diaper coming off AGAIN!
  5. Five seconds later, I return the nekkid hiney one back to bed with clothes that are hopefully a little more difficult to get off.
  6. I return her to bed, three times more before leaving the room.
  7. I leave in my happy delusion that they are both still dressed and in bed. Now if I her bed only came with a seatbelt, I would have it made.

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Crazy Working Mom said...

When Tyler was a baby, he'd pick at his diaper 'till he had a hole in the front and then he'd pull his little peepee through that hole. It was the craziest thing! He didn't mind having his hiney in the diaper, but didn't like for his peepee to be in it. Heh heh