Jun 24, 2011

Random Tuesday Tidbits

  • We had a lovely visit with Aunt Notsosnowwhite, my best friend. It was lovely to see her and her White Knight. The girls were thrilled to see them again.

  • I have decided that I the noise and the disorder that follow my girls around everywhere they go is just a part of being a mommy and I am going to put aside my obsessive need for order (as best I can) and just enjoy them for all the giggly, noisy, rambunctious, funny disorder they create.

  • Princess Belle was asking for more details about where babies come from today. So we sat down, and chatted about it. I explained it in a little more detail, cleared up a few misconceptions she had and she was fine. Prince Charming on the other hand, was horrified and asked that next time we talk about that away from daddy because he doesn't want her to be old enough to know about that stuff yet.

  • I have to give her credit, she is a really great big sister. She helps with her little sisters, loves on them, and plays games with them. Their favorite is when she pretends to be a monster under a blanket and chases them.

  • Princess Snifflefritz is getting better about her fear of heights. When I put her on the change table, I take some time first to tickle and play with her and I make faces while changing her. It makes her feel more secure. I must be working because today when her sister pushed one of the toddler beds up to the dresser, she climbed halfway up on it before remembering she was scared. She was stuck halfway up too scared to go up (which I am good with!) and too scared to go down. So mommy had to come to the rescue. I swear these children of mine are too brave for their own good sometimes though!

  • I was watching someone singing on television today and Princess Magpie was so moved she started dancing her version of a ballet. You haven't seen cute until you have seen an almost three year old do her personal version of ballet! After she was done, she brought over a balloon and she and I played slow motion catch with it. She had a blast!

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Crazy Working Mom said...

Hmmmm...I still need to work on my obsessive need for order. I know that they are "just kids". I hear that from my husband all of the time. But, man it sure is hard to accept that sometimes. I always tell myself, 'some day I am going to miss this'!!!