Mar 21, 2015


This adorable baby boy is THREE years old! He is so sweet and fun and had a wonderful day.

He loved the cake!  He actually noticed his presents!  And he laughed at the balloons!  He loved them so much that I used them to get pictures of him.  LOL, it was a wonderful day!

Here is my version of a combination of monkey decorations with a touch of pirate!

And here are the pictures I took using balloons to get his attention and his beautiful smiles.

This huge fluffy pillow was one of his presents.  It reminded me of his monkey pillow and I thought he would like it.  When we opened it, he came over, touched it, leaned over and touched his head to it and smiled.  It was super sweet.  Within a half hour, he was sitting on the floor rocking with it in his lap.  VERY SWEET!

And of course the birthday cake was a hit!

And I even got a good shot of all the kids!!

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