Mar 23, 2015

Taking Notice

After being with someone for so many years, it is to get used to someone.  If you spend every day together, you overlook the fact that this is "your person".  You can take for granted having a friend to talk to whenever you need a listening ear, having a person to take over when you need a break.

But if you pay attention, there are moments that can remind you.  Lately, I have been trying to make sure I really take notice of the little things.  Such as: 
  • When Prince Charming feels the need to stand beside me and defend me when I have been wronged in some way.  I love that he is a white knight.
  • When Prince Charming cuddles, tickles, or watches movies with our girls.  Just the simple act of enjoying our kids and showing them how special they are.  I love how much the girls adore him.

  • When we watch movies together and he lays his hand on my leg, just a little thing to let me know I am loved.
  • When we watch movies (even kids ones) and he is moved to tears.  I love that as tough and strong as he is, he is not afraid to show his sensitive soul too.

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