Mar 2, 2015

I Think He Likes It!

I have a list of redecorating and organizing I am working on and today I tackled Little Prince's room.  Since I put him in this room, his chair or his bed had been in front of the window.  But I was worried about his obsession with his window and rocking his chair against it.  I had horrible dreams about him going out that window.  So, I decided a reorganizing was in order. 

I have found that with Little Prince, he has grown accustomed to me moving things around.  As a result, as long as I keep the same things in the room, he is okay with the change. 

I put up a darker curtain because the sun made it hard for him to see his television. 

This was the room when I finished it:

And he was so excited by his newly organized and cleaned room that every picture I took of him when he first went in there looked like this one:

He was a silly, happy, rocking boy!

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