Mar 31, 2015

Yay! Let's celebrate!

It is a sunny day that feels like spring even if there is still LOTS of snow on the ground.  It makes me want to celebrate little things like the two awesome things about my kids today. 

1.  The tooth fairy fell down on the job and forgot to bring money for Princess Magpie last night.  Princess Belle came down with Princess Magpie and discovered the lapse before I got up.  She covered for us and picked up a piece of paper that had writing on it (Princess Magpie can't read well enough yet to read it).  She explained to Princess Magpie that it was a letter from the tooth fairy apologizing and letting us she had run out of money and would come back with some when she had more money.  GOOD BIG SISTER MOMENT!

2.  Little Prince looks like he may be adding a couple of new foods to his repertoire!  None of the foods are consistent and he still will be just as happy not eating as eating, but he seems to be adding chicken nuggets and waffles back into his menu along with peanut butter sandwiches.  I am hoping that as long as I keep rotating the foods, he will keep eating them!  Here's to variety!!

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