Mar 29, 2015

Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday
Sunday's heart felt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful.

Here are some things I am grateful for this week:

1.  How much we all love books.  There is nothing better than curling up with a good book!

2. Getting a chance to share a learning experience with my kids. 

3.  How creative my kids are. 

4.  Yummy healthy food like avocado toast and carrots with hummus!  Soo good!

5.  Watching my girls work together. 

6.  How much my kids love and enjoy each other.

7.  My boy transitioning to a smaller chair.  He didn't even give us too hard of a time.  

8.  Getting to the Farmers Market nice and early so that I could have my pick of the goodies.  

9.  An early morning ferry ride is a refreshing way to start the day AND I got out and home before the snow started again.  

1 comment:

momto5 said...

love getting to the fm early! and it is still snowing where you are?! oh my