Mar 17, 2015

Green Patrick's Day

I woke up this morning to two excited little girls jumping up and down and asking what I had planned for "Green Patrick's Day".  It was too cute, I couldn't correct them.

I made a green cake with chocolate icing and green sugar sprinkled on top.

For breakfast, I made green shamrock pancakes and for snacks I made shamrock cookies with green sugar on top.  The pancakes took the longest to make and it took a couple of tries to get a system going.

I bought some decorations at the dollar store, some of which were things for the kids to wear.  And of course I took pics.

I am exhausted and have done nothing at all to look good today but I even put on a pair of St. Patrick's Day earings to join in the fun.

Now Little Prince didn't cooperate because the silly boy wanted to go to bed.  But don't worry, I have some St. Patricks Day stuff put aside for him and I am going to take pics of him later too.  He won't miss out on the fun, his is just delayed a little.

But here are some of the pics of the girls I took.  Stay tuned for my little leprechaun pics!

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