Mar 6, 2015

Losing it

This boy has lost it.  (pic not taken today) I don't know why.  I gavethe first time today. him all the things he likes, I put shows on his likes, I checked him and his clothes.  Nothing helps, he just won't stop screaming.  Screaming, screaming, screaming . . . . I am going to lose my mind.  Or I just may start crying beside him.  Maybe it is because I have been sick for days and I don't have much left, but these really are the days that autism sucks the most!

Update: 7 minutes of horrible screaming later, he is in his room quiet.  He is fine, mommy feels like she has PTSD . . .   Boy do I need another coffee.  

Update #2:  More screaming for no reason I can a figure out.

Update #3:  It is 9:15 at night snd I saw my boy's beautiful  smile for the first time today.  Such a wonderful sight to see.

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