Dec 20, 2014


The other day, I got a call from the developmental team, they wanted permission to share Little Prince's file with the preschool autism team (I assume because he is almost 3).  LOL, I don't care who they show the file too all I want is a diagnosis and help for my boy, so obviously, I gave them permission.

But the call did get me thinking.  When Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz were each three, I was planning their preschool curriculum for homeschooling.  But with Little Prince, I have been so busy dealing with the present, it never even occurred to me to plan ahead. 

Actually when I realized that homeschooling Little Prince will be so much more complicated than homeschooling my girls, I had a mini panic attack.  How do you homeschool a child with a more classic version of autism?  And if he doesn't learn to talk before that, how do you homeschool a child who is non-verbal?  How do I do this? 

I know I want to homeschool him.  I know that no one will work harder for my boy and to educate him than I will.  And if my boy learns to use an I-pad or a keyboard to communicate, I will have to have taught him to read first.  How do I do that? 

I know I have time, but what I realized is that rather than delaying it later than the girls because he seems so much younger than they were at this age, I need to spend more time preparing.  I need to spend the next year or two learning how to go about educating a special child like Little Prince.  I will learn how to teach him, but right now realizing how much I don't know, I am a little panicked!

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