Dec 25, 2014

Twas the Night before . . .

Well our Christmas Eve was lovely.  It was relaxed and easy and fun.  I hope to make all our Christmas Eve's this way.  All my wrapping was done before Christmas Eve and all the gifts were put into containers to make them easy to carry down to the tree. 

The girls helped me turn our deep freeze into a fire place.  It looks GREAT!

The girls planted Candy Cane seeds.  Which involves putting red striped mints into a bowl of sugar and then in the morning, candy canes magically grew!

Planting the Candy Cane seeds. 
And voila!  The Candy Canes grew!

The girls and I made our traditional cookies for Santa. 

Then we put them on a plate for Santa.

And I started a new tradition where they get one gift on Christmas Eve and it includes matching jammies!!!

Opening the gift

Aren't they adorable??

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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