Dec 18, 2014


I have written about this before, but I was reminded how sensitive my Princess Magpie truly is.  Ever since Princess Snifflefritz was born when Princess Magpie was only 17 months old, Princess Magpie has been insecure about her place in our home.  I try to make sure she knows that she is special and loved.  But for some reason, she isn't always confident about it.

So today when Princess Snifflefritz came down crying because Princess Magpie was leaving, (after reassuring Princess Snifflefritz that no one was going anyway) we called Princess Magpie to come and talk to us.  She came down wearing a backpack as well as carrying a basket and a little suitcase.  She had decided that we didn't want her live here any more and she was going to leave.

On top of being a little sad she felt that way, I was also baffled.  She hadn't gotten in trouble, she was contentedly playing in the classroom when she went upstairs and packed.

We talked to her and asked her why she felt that way and she said because she gets in trouble sometimes.  I told her that she was six years old and every six year old gets in trouble sometimes but that we will ALWAYS want her and she can live with us forever if she wants.  I talked about how she was the only girl just like her in our family and how I waited a LONG time to have her and how special she was and how grateful I was to have her.

After lots of talking and hugs, she seemed to feel better and after cuddling for a while she carried
  • her backpack filled with her pillow and her teddy, 
  • her basket with her favorite dress 
  • and her little suitcase with a change of clothes, 
all back to her room.

I LOVE my girl, she is a sweet, funny, caring, tough, gentle, Tomboy princess and I wouldn't have her any other way.  I just wish she knew how special she truly is.

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