Dec 22, 2014

Party On!

We went to a Christmas party yesterday.  It was a fun time. 

The girls walked ahead of Prince Charming, Little Prince and I.  I thought that they looked so cute in their little outfits.

The first thing the girls did was pull of a piece of floor to eat some pizza. 

Little Prince was completely overwhelmed by noice and people.  His eyes got really wide and then he closed them and started rocking as hard as he could.

After pizza, the little girls went to bounce in the bouncy house.

But all thoughts of everything else was forgotten when Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived.  Princess Magpie said she loved Mrs. Claus the best because she loved the shawl over her shoulders.  She thought she was so beautiful.

They sat in the crowd to await their names being called for presents.

Princess Belle had fun with one of her best friends. 

She was excited to get a movie ticket in her present.

Princess Magpie LOVED her present, she was thrilled to see the Barbie dolls in there, especially the frog princess one.  (I call her my little frog princess since we have been giving her frogs since she was born)

Little Prince never did really warm up to the crowds and the noise, but he was a strong little boy and got through it.  As long as he had cuddles with daddy and his bottle.

Princess Snifflefritz was one of the last names to be called and she was convinced Santa forgot her. 

But she was thrilled to get a Baby Alive doll, the other girls were thrilled for her too.

Princess Belle looked so grown up and pretty in her outfit.  She wanted to glue the braids to her head, LOL.

Princess Magpie loved her hat, gloves and mittens too. 

I even got a couple of nice pics, one of Prince Charming, Princess Belle and Princess Magpie.

And this one of Princess Belle that I LOVED!

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