Dec 17, 2014


It's funny to think that there is this person who:
  • never talks to me, 
  • barely looks at me, 
  • ignores me most of the time, 
  • routinely kicks my face when I am changing him
  • shows almost no affection
And yet, I absolutely and completely adore this little person more than I can ever express.  Little Prince means so very much to me and even if he can't tell me, I know he loves and needs me.

You know why I know?  Because:
  • when he wakes up crying at night, it is me he needs to help him calm down.
  • when he is scared, he grabs at my shirt and desperately clings to me.
  • when I touch his face or his head, he grins before he pulls away.
  • He is content to play and laugh to himself when he is simply playing near us. (I actually don't know if this one means he loves me, but I LOVE to hear him laugh)
This little person, who on the surface seems to want nothing more than to be left alone, shows me that he loves and needs me in the only ways he can.  And that's good enough for me.

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mother of many said...

I so get this. Once I was mentioning to a friend how hard it was to never hear "I love you" from someone that I love so much. My friend answered, "That is probably how God feels about so many people." Since then I have found it much easier to handle the aloofness. My guy does love me. He just cannot tell me the same way my other kids can.