Dec 16, 2014

Naughty and Nice (or maybe . . . Good and Bad)

  1. Good and bad -- okay, so the plumber came and fixed the leak but now we have a giant hole in our ceiling with no hint as to when it will be fixed.
  2. Bad -- Someone else's stuff accidentally got charged to my bank account (not their fault) and now my shopping trip with the girls had to be postponed, *sigh*
  3. Good -- Little Prince has let me sleep a few nights in a row and I am EVER so grateful
  4. Good -- Prince Charming's lost friend was not only found but spent three days visiting with us and the girls.
  5. Good -- I have watched a bunch of different versions of "A Christmas Carol" and I love them all.
  6. Bad -- I tried to watch the Disney version and my DVR ate it or something and I couldn't watch it.
  7. Bad -- I lost Little Prince's favorite movie, Elmo's Christmas Countdown last year in the move and I haven't been able to find it airing this year.  :( boo
  8. Good -- I organized my fridge today and it looks great.  
  9. Good -- Prince Charming gave my little drummer girl Princess Snifflefritz a set of drum sticks.
  10. Bad -- I have had a headache for three days and I guess that may be making me grouchy and may be making the drum sticks a little less than fun for me.  
  11. Good -- I am experimenting with orange peels, cloves, and cinnamon sticks simmering in the slow cooker to make our house smell good. 
  12. Good and Bad -- I have been off my diet for this month as I haven't wanted to spend the extra money on myself and my diet but I am going back on Trim Healthy Mama in January and Prince Charming and the family will be at least eating THM friendly recipes for dinners.  
  13. Good -- Little Prince is a man of routine and likes things done the same way every time and he doesn't really like hugs.  But I am a smart mama and I have used his love of routine to work several hugs into each of our days.  Every time I change his diaper, I stand him up and hugs him and every time we carry him to bed, we hug him.  He is used to it and even wraps his arms around us in anticipation.  I LOVE those little arms and those hugs are precious.

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