Dec 6, 2014

Bigger on the inside.

Since Little Prince is non-verbal, it is so easy to assume that there is also a lack of understanding.  He doesn't react or communicate and so we have no way of knowing what is going on in his mind.  But sometimes I will read something about other autistic children that remind me that we can never know how much is going on inside him.  And sometimes he will do something that convinces me that not only does he understand, but he is having fun with us, that he is a funny little monkey.

The other day he was having a snack in his high chair while Prince Charming and I were next to him watching a show.  Every time we started the show, he would rock so hard that his high chair rattled so loudly that we couldn't hear the television.  When we paused the show, he would stop but then as soon as we started it up, he rocked again.  Not looking at us, just rocking hard and fast.  Prince Charming started to laugh and said, "You little weasel, you are doing this on purpose!"  And Little Prince burst out laughing.  His eyes sparkling, laughing hard, like he understood and was teasing Prince Charming. 

My little monkey was teasing us. And, there have been a few times when he has done something that he seemed to find funny.  It is like he is teasing us, laughing at us. 

He also has shown concern, if someone is crying, he gets this look of concern on his face.  Like he is worried.  He doesn't actually do anything, he just sits really still, looking really worried.  It goes to show that there is so much more going on inside my little man than we can know. 

So, I talk to him.  I when take him for walks, go shopping, carry him downstairs, I chat with him.  It is a continuous one-sided monologue that may sound a little silly to anyone who doesn't know.  But if he can hear me and understand me, I am going to talk to him.  I am going to explain why I am doing what I am doing, tell him what is going on, and show him the world around him.  Because while he is quiet, non-verbal, and seemingly univolved, like a famous blue police box in a show I love, he is so much bigger on the inside.

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Autism Mom said...

Love this! I agree, they are bigger on the inside, just like a TARDIS! Great post. :-)