Oct 21, 2014

What Autism Looks Like at My House (videos)

This is my baby boy, Little Prince.  He is sweet and funny and when he is in a good mood, he makes lots of sounds.  Some even sound a little like he is trying to say something, but he never says them to anybody and never in a meaningful way to us.  Mostly it is sweet funny little sounds.  The one thing I can sometimes get him to do is blow kisses at me.  It makes him happy and it makes me happy.

In this first one, he starts by blowing me kisses and then goes on to baby talk and hand flapping.  He is 2 1/2 but most of the time, I forget that.  He is still very much a baby to me.  (please ignore the sideways video, I couldn't figure out how to get photobucket to flip them)

Here he is rocking in his high chair.  That is his favorite thing to do.  When he is on the ground he is either running full speed (which is why I don't have many pictures like that, I can't catch him long enough to get one! LOL) or he is in his crib sitting and rocking with a blanket in his lap.

Here is more rocking.  He does it all the time.  He rocks so hard that he moves his crib, his high chair, his stroller, the playpen we used to use. 

The new thing he has taken to doing in his crib is taking his mattress out of his crib!!!!  I am serious.  He has destroyed several mattresses by now but this is a first!  Then after he has all his stuff out of his crib, he cries because he wants it back!  So I go in, give him a bottle, give him his blanket, give him his monkey pillow and put the mattress back in the crib.  Silly boy.

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