Oct 14, 2014


Well, as I mentioned, I tried something new yesterday.   And . . . it was a complete failure . . . so far anyway.  My poor autistic boy just can't work a sippy cup.  He licks at it, he shakes it, he tips it over, but he can't suck it to make milk come out.

So rather than give up on my mission to NOT have a chocolate covered everything when I go to get my boy in the morning, I tried something different.  I know that occasionally, I have been able to get him to drink a bottle of apple juice.  So I am going to try to see if I can convince him to take apple juice to bed and milk when he is up and around, even if I have to give in and give it to him in a bottle for now.

The hope is that if he doesn't see the satisfying sight of chocolate spraying everywhere, maybe he won't be as interested in spraying it everywhere.  It seemed to work pretty well last night.  he had a little in his hair but it didn't seem to be everywhere like usual. 

I will keep at it, but I won't frustrate him in the process. 

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