Oct 6, 2014

First time

I let Princess Belle outside the nest a little this weekend.  It was hard to do, I am protective of her and the way that she is.  But I know that is good for her to get to be with other kids without my buffer.  It is good for her to learn how to deal with the kids she likes and those that she doesn't.  This Autism stuff is hard and it gets harder for me to balance as she gets older.

But she on Friday she left for a camping trip with Pathfinders and she didn't come home until Sunday.  For all that time she didn't have me to rely on and I think she did okay.  Other parents were worried about teamwork and learning new skills.  I just wanted her to have fun on her first camping trip.  I just wanted her to not be scared, or stressed or worried.  And she came home all full of stories and laughing and complaints.  But she was full of excitement and joy and happy.  And after that she showered, fell asleep and then binge-watched her favorite shows. LOL, but it was a good experience for her.

Here are a few pics someone sneaked me from her weekend.

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