Oct 13, 2014


I hope you all have (or had yesterday for those who chose to celebrate a day early) a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you all be blessed in the year to come.

I am so thankful this year.  I am thankful for:

  1. My loving husband who loves and supports me in all that I do.
  2. Living in such a beautiful place.  Beauty fills my soul and I everywhere I look around here I see it, from the boats on the water to the tree-lined streets.  It is a lovely place to live.
  3. For my sweet babies, all four of them have changed me and my life, each of them in their own special way and for that I am blessed.
  4. For being able to fix up my house in  a way that I like, getting new things a little at a time.

A couple of funny things from today:
  1. My two middle girls wanted to take a bath in their bathing suits today, so I let them. Why not?  It is a one-time deal and it made them happy.
  2. I made myself broccoli and cauliflower for a snack today and while I was waiting for the sauce to heat up, I looked up and saw all three of my girls hovering around the bowl of veggies with forks in hands stealing all the broccoli out of the bowl, completely ignoring the banana bread on the counter.

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