Oct 30, 2014

Clued in Kids: A TOS Crew Review

Clued In KidsReview
One of the things I really like about homeschooling is that we can make our school days fun!  We can even make learning a game! My girls love it when they can be having fun and learning too.  When games are used as learning tools, they are the most enthusiastic learners you could ever meet!  That's why I was excited when we were given the opportunity to review products from Clued in Kids.
 For this review, we received 2 products, Multiplication Dragons, which is like a 5-in-1 product, and Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt.

We had been doing nutrition anyway so this was a fun way to introduce more nutrition facts. At the time of posting, Multiplication Dragons costs $19.99, and Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt is $5.99. As for age ranges, it really depends on where your child is at. Happy Tummy can be for any age, but Multiplication Dragons is most suited for around ages 7-9 again, depending on your child’s skills, since math isn't one of Princess Belle's strong suits, I found it a fun way to refresh her times tables.

I received a PDF printable that I downloaded and printed each treasure hunt out for my kids (mostly for Princess Belle but the girls had fun watching her and want to do one themselves now!). You can use these treasure hunts with anywhere from 1-10 kids. Most of the treasure hunts are from ages 4 and up. These are set up to use as a one day activity with each set.  Clued In Kids treasure hunts contain a number of clues with activities or puzzles that need to be solved. When they are solved, the location of the next clue is revealed. This is repeated until the treasure is found. There are many different treasure hunts, most are printable, but there are a couple of physical sets that can be purchased and would be great for parties or gifts. You can use the PDF printables over and over once you purchase the set. Clued In Kids also has a physical set which are intended for a 1 time use.

Clued in Kids is a company that makes learning fun, easy and engaging.  They do this by creating a wide variety of Treasure Hunts.  (Check out this video to see one in action)
Some of their printable PDF treasure hunts are:
They also have preprinted ones (even some in a greeting card, that you could mail to a friend or family member.)
Christmas Treasure Hunt In A Greeting Card
Slumber Party

Clued In KidsReview

The Happy Tummy hunt that we were given, is a printable hunt that gives lessons on nutrition and diet while the five Multiplication treasure hunts, designed for 7 to 9 year olds, includes multiplication based quizzes. It is also a printable treasure hunt. There are many other fun hunts to choose from on their website as well.

The Happy Tummy Printable Treasure Hunt is great for all kids but it is especially suitable for children with various food restrictions -- allergies, GAPS diet, gluten-free, etc. This treasure hunt was a wonderful introduction to nutrition and digestion. The clues in this hunt covered the basic parts of the digestive tract, how the digestive system converts food into energy,  how vitamins help your body, unhealthy food options, how nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, and more.
The printable treasure hunts are easy to set up, and they come with an ‘answer’ sheet that tells you where to hid each clue, so you will never forget where you put the clues. This also makes setting up so quick and easy.

Clued In KidsReview

The Multiplication Dragons set contains separate treasure hunts for each times table from 2x up to 6x. These hunts a jammed packed with fun activities to help teach multiplication. And, it was really fast to set up,  printing out the treasure hunt clues, cutting them apart and hiding them took less than 10 minutes, a fact that this busy mama appreciates!

The Multiplication Dragons is for ages 7-9 to help them retain multiplication facts. My daughter is 12, in 7th grade, has autism and has difficulties with math (she gets intimidated by it), but Princess Belle had fun running from one place to another all over the house. The game of it made her forget that she was reviewing her math.  It took her about an hour to complete the treasure hunt. This was a lot of fun and was a  real hit in our house. I loved how much fun she has while learning at the same time. The great thing is that with the printable ones, is that we can print them out again and do them again with the little girls.

Details At a Glance!!
Name: Clued In Kids
Website: Clued in Kids
Product:  5 Multiplication Treasure Hunts and the Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt
Price: Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt is $5.99 and the 5 Multiplication Treasure Hunts is currently on sale for $19.99
Ages: Wide variety of ages

We had a lot of fun with these! They are a great way to have some fun easy “work” for school. Clued In Kids offers many other Treasure Hunts, including ones corresponding to most major holidays. They'd be perfect fun activities for any elementary aged child!

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