Dec 13, 2013

Little Prince

I don't talk alot about my worries for Little Prince.  How I worry about his development and how he will grow up to be.  He is 21 months old, almost 2 years old and he acts like a baby.  He doesn't make his will known without crying, he doesn't say any words, it is hard to find foods that he will eat, he is mostly like a doll just doing as he likes and preferring to spend a lot of time in his room.  He hasn't gotten his official diagnosis yet, but I am pretty sure he is autistic and the specialists he has seen seem to think so too.

We celebrate the little things.  When his baby babble includes a new sound last week we celebrate, when he reached his arms up to his father tonight we really celebrated.  He is an easy-going, sweet, ticklish boy who makes me happy.  I need to put my worries behind me, forget any previous expectations and just celebrate him, who he is, how much he accomplishes.  I LOVE my boy, he loves me and he loves his father.  Celebrate that and the rest will come.



Tenille said...

He seems to have good eye contact, which is a good thing. And I'm so glad that he's such a happy toddler! ((hugs)) It's a hard journey either way. I have an autistic brother, so I know how hard things may get. I love to hear that you are enjoying the little improvements and his overall love for life. :)

TC Harris said...

Thanks for your support. It is a learning process to keep from comparing him to other kids his age.

Getting his attention is really hard and actually getting him to look at you is really a trick. I have tricks for pictures. Tickling is my favorite, bubbles also work if I have those around.

kewkew said...

He is a sweetie. I do wonder what the official diagnosis ended up being.