Dec 12, 2013

Candy Cane Creations

So we did two fun things with candy canes that I wanted to share.  First we made candy canes out of pipe cleaners and it was huge fun and a big hit!  The girls just loved it and I wished I had more pipe cleaner to make more of them.  It was fun for them that from the littlest girl to the biggest one, they could all twist the pipe cleaners together and then bend them into a candy cane shape.  Then they rushed over to hang their creations on the homeschool classroom tree.

Another fun thing I did was have the girls help me plant candy cane seeds (striped mints!) in a bowl of sugar.  The next morning before they got up, I replaced them with candy canes and the girls were amazed that we magically grew candy canes.  They were so impressed they even shared it with the neighbour boys who came over to see this AMAZING thing we had done and went and shared with their mom.  The candy canes I had tended to break when I was unwrapping them, so I decided that they just grew to different heights.  LOL

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