Dec 6, 2013

Little Christmas Trees

Another tradition I started last year was that each child has their own individual little tree to decorate and they can undecorate, redecorate, and play with them as they see fit.  They LOVE their trees and the ownership of their very own tree helps keep little fingers off of the big tree in the living room.

I am even considering leaving a little present under each tree as a surprise.

Here are the girls decorating their trees over breakfast.  And a picture of each child's tree decorated by themselves.  (other than all the girls got together to decorate Little Prince's tree)

And here is our ornament we made for the schoolroom today.  We traced the hands for all four of the kids, cut them out of felt and glued colored cuffs onto them.  It turned out cute and it is fun to see all those different sizes of little hands on the tree.

And the homeschool classroom tree after two days of making ornaments.

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