Nov 18, 2013

Conversations with Little Ones Today

There are days when I want to gather up the conversations I have with my little ones and put them in a box and save them to remember. There is just so much sweetness in my house to remember:
  1. Like being told i was the best cooker ever by little ones eating spicy pasta
  2. Special trips on chair rocket ships to the "planeck Mars" and then back to home to the "planeck Earf"
  3. Explaining that Christmas is about 5 weeks away
  4. Being given a Christmas wish list that was enthusiastically made with much concentration by the girls working together to cut pictures out and paste them on a list that ended up being about 7 pages long. 
  5. Little girls having to be reassured that their baby brother would be okay even though he had to get a needle today.  
  6. Baby giggles from hand and face washing.  I LOVE how ticklish he is.
  7. Listening Big Sister help her baby sister do crafts, hand-made calendars and other paper creations. 

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