Jun 3, 2013


I was watching a movie earlier with Prince Charming and in it the brother to the king was lamenting how he would never be king.  He would always be in the kings shadow and boo hoo woe is me.  It sparked a conversation about how he needs to rearrange his thinking.  Yes, he is brother, no he will never be King.  BUT . . . he gets to live in the castle.  He gets the riches and respect that come with that.  He gets a life of plenty and he doesn't have the responsibilities and threats that come with the throne.

It made me think of other people who feel the same way.  I mean, I am broke, my husband is unemployed, and I recently lost $2000 when I was trying to save for a move.  But I am married.  I have found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.  I know of single women my age who desperately long for that to happen for them.  I used to be one of them.  I have not only one but FOUR children.  I know of lots of women who want so badly for that to happen for them.  I used to be one of them too.  I know that no matter how bad our financial situation is, I am blessed.  I need to always remember how blessed I am.

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Julie said...

Our children are our greatest blessings... And you're right, money can't buy happiness!