Aug 1, 2016

Tired but This is Awesome

I may be a little incoherent today because Little Prince hasn't been sleeping again and in my attempt to keep him quiet, I haven't been sleeping either.  This morning we went to bed when my neighbors were getting up for work.  At this point, we are both feeling the effects because parenting is hard without sleep.  I am personally doing my part to keep the coffee industry on the go.

That being said, I when I am tired I sometimes like to get out of the house for a little break and today I did go for a drive to my favorite market here in town.  I love the Dayton Red and White.  It has farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  I love walking up to the store and seeing all those lovely bins filled with so much yumminess.

The inside it is so bright, airy and organized.  And I can always find amazing deals in there (especially on meats) and the whole atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

To me it is a fun place to be.  I sometimes drive out there just for fun.  I truly love that place!

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